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ERC Preparatory Seminars

ERC STG/CoG/AdG calls


Our preparatory seminars inform potential applicants about the ERC-StG/CoG/AdG calls and provide them with important tools to help prepare competitive proposals. The seminars are structured along two different tracks: 

"Call in-depth analysis": This seminar offers a detailed understanding of the ERC single-PI calls, including their specific aims and scope. We delve into the intricacies of the calls, such as the submission and evaluation process, panel structure, and reviewer profiles. The official evaluation criteria are broken down and analysed,
and we explore how the latest AI tools can support applicants at the conceptual phase of idea generation and project design. Participants will gain insights on aligning their project ideas with ERC call objectives, self-evaluating their competitiveness, choosing the right evaluation panels and keywords, and understanding the evaluation criteria.

"Proposal Best Practices": This seminar teaches applicants how to organise the proposal content in an optimal way, with ample suggestions in terms of content distribution and focus. We propose an easy-to-follow and convincing structure for both parts B1 and B2, that take into account the distinct evaluation criterion and audience in each evaluation step. We also analyse how to effectively communicate critical aspects such as scientific challenge, ambition, high-risk and scientific impact, aligning these with the ERC priorities. Attendees will learn the optimal proposal structure, differentiate between parts B1 and B2, and discover how to avoid common pitfalls.

To encourage and facilitate interaction with the audience we recommend a maximum of 35 participants per session.


The topics of the seminar include:

"Call in-depth analysis"

1.5 hours + 30 min Q&A

  • What is/is not an ERC project 

  • Competitive PI traits 

  • Application content

  • One-step submission vs.
    Multi-step evaluation process

  • Deciphering the formal evaluation criterion 

  • Choosing the right panel/keywords 

  • Reviewer profiles

  • Conceptual design via AI tools

  • etc.

"Proposal Best Practices"

2 hours + 30 min Q&A

  • Distinct focus of B1 and B2

  • "Layers" for logical proposal structure 

  • Suggested headings and content focus/distribution

  • Creating solid project objectives

  • Breaking the project into logical units

  • Role of preliminary results
  • Risk assessment 

  • Presenting CV and track-record

  • etc.

Want more information?

For more information and for scheduling our preparatory seminars, please contact me below.

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