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Proposal review & editing

ERC applications


ERC Grants offer a unique opportunity for distinguished researchers to carry out groundbreaking research, pushing the boundaries of their fields. These calls prioritise scientific excellence in a highly competitive landscape, where
innovation and uniqueness are key to standing out. Precision and effective communication are vital, as proposals must clearly articulate their scientific vision and distinguish themselves during the evaluation process. Recognising these challenges, we focus our expertise on supporting researchers across a variety of ERC grant calls.


We specialise in the Starting, Consolidator, Advanced, and Synergy Grant calls


In the following section, we have compiled a few of the key factors that we prioritise in our assessment of ERC Grant applications, drawing from our in-depth experience in this field.

Key review aspects

Project vision: 

We assess the project's core scientific challenge, ensuring it tackles a critical question or knowledge gap with significant implications for the field. This analysis considers the project's ambition, particularly its potential for breakthroughs that push scientific boundaries through novel concepts and methodologies. Additionally, we assess the potential for cross-disciplinary impact and the foundation it sets for future exploration in related fields.

Objectives alignment:

Our review advocates a clear and direct alignment between the ambitious yet achievable objectives and the overarching project vision. Each objective should contribute demonstrably to the overall goal, avoiding the perception of fragmented efforts. We emphasise the importance of specific and verifiable objectives that facilitate a clear assessment of success upon project completion.

Balancing feasibility and risk:

We evaluate the equilibrium between the project's ambitious yet high-risk research and its potential for substantial outcomes. This assessment incorporates the project's timeliness and any preliminary results to ensure feasibility while avoiding mere incremental progress. The PI's expertise and proven track record are carefully evaluated, emphasising their exceptional ability to lead and execute the project effectively. 



The success of a proposal is critically dependent on the clarity and organisation of its presentation. We prioritise enhancing coherence across all project elements, promoting clear, persuasive language without unnecessary repetition. We assess how well the narrative aids evaluators' understanding, ensuring the proposal effectively communicates its significance and distinguishes itself within the competitive ERC landscape.

Choose the right scheme for you

I tailor my services to each candidate´s individual needs, be it a single thorough review of an advanced draft, or continous back-and-forth reviews and support all the way up to the official deadline.


Contact me for more details.

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