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Preparatory webinars

ERC 2022 Advanced grant call



Our online webinars inform potential applicants about the ERC-2022-AdG call and provide them with important tools to help prepare competitive proposals. The webinar is structured along two different tracks: 

"Call in-depth analysis": We start off by explaining the unique focus and context of the ERC calls, while also analysing the application and review process. Focus is on the "bigger picture": i.e. the scope and aim of the call, the evaluation criterion (in-depth), the profile of the reviewers, etc. We also go through the characteristics of a competitive ERC AdG applicant and what type of projects the evaluators are looking for.

"Best Practices": We then continue by providing hands-on tips and best practices for how to prepare parts B1 and B2 of the application. Here we propose specific subsections to be used in B1 and in B2, to help structure and focus the proposal in a logical and convincing way. We also provide best practices and go through common mistakes.  


To encourage and facilitate interaction with the audience we recommend a maximum of 20 participants per session.


The topics of the webinar include:

"Call in-depth analysis"

1.5 hours + 30 min Q&A

  • Unique focus of the ERC funding programmes

  • Characteristics of AdG projects 

  • Application and evaluation process

  • AdG applicant profiles 

  • Deciphering the sole evaluation criterion “Scientific Excellence” 

  • The importance of choosing the right panel 

  • The role of panels and external experts 

  • The ERC interview

  • etc.


"Best Practices"

1.5 hours + 30 min Q&A

  • Distinct focus of B1 and B2

  • Structuring the extended synopsis 

  • How to present CV and previous achievements

  • How to create solid project objectives

  • The novelty and originality aspect 

  • Breaking the project into logical units

  • The high-risk/high-gain balance

  • The resources section

  • How to present collaborations in an ERC

  • etc.

Want more information?

Institute representatives: To book a private webinar for your institute, please contact us below.

Individual researchers: We also offer access to pre-recorded videos of these courses, with the Q&A session held separately, please contact us below for more details.

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