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Proposal review & editing


European Research Council SYNERGY Grant


The ERC Synergy Grant call is aimed at providing a group of 2-4 researchers with the means to address major scientific questions with transformative scientific potential, with no PhD or seniority prescription. PIs must demonstrate synergies, complementarities and added value that could lead to breakthroughs that would not be possible by the individual PIs and their teams working alone. 

​For an ERC Grant application to capture the attention and curiosity of the evaluators it must be unique, something which is particularly true in the SyG category, where evaluators are reviewing the ideas and ambitions of some of the brightest minds available today. In such a competitive landscape it is extremely important that all aspects of the proposal have been contemplated and perfected - there is no room for details to be overlooked or messages to be misinterpreted.

Below I have selected and summarized a few of the aspects that I look for when reviewing an ERC SyG application.

Key review aspects

  • Does the proposed research address a clearly identified fundamental scientific challenge?

  • Is the envisioned solution to the challenge original, novel, “non-standard”, and contains at least some explicit high-risk parts, in line with the ERC aim and focus? 

  • Does the proposal convincingly argue why the research is timely and should be financed at this moment?

  • Are the objectives connected to the overall aim and are they ambitious, measurable and with clear starting and end points?

  • To what extent is the research methodology described in the proposal appropriate to reach the objectives? 

  • How coherent and effective are the work plan (work packages, tasks, deliverables, milestones, timeline, etc.) and risk mitigation measures in order to achieve the project objectives?

  • To what extent is the project and the partners´ knowledge interdisciplinary?

  • Why is the presented consortium uniquely capable of implementing the project? Is the synergetic composition of the consortium transmitted in the proposal?

  • Is the scientific impact well explained, inside and beyond the field? To what extent is the project likely to generate new research avenues once it is finished?

  • Does the proposal follow a convincing logical structure and is the language simple and persuasive?

Choose the right scheme for you

I tailor my services to each candidate´s individual needs, be it a single thorough review of an advanced draft, or continous back-and-forth reviews and support all the way up to the official deadline.


Contact me for more details.

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