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Proposal review & editing

EIC Pathfinder Open



The EIC Pathfinder Open call is designed to foster the inception and development of breakthrough technologies at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation. This initiative targets the foundational stages of research and development across scientific, technological, or deep-tech disciplines. It aims to disrupt fields and markets or create new opportunities by realizing innovative technological solutions. The call invites proposals that embody cutting-edge, high-risk/high-impact interdisciplinary research, characterized by all of the following essential "Gatekeepers":

  • Convincing long-term vision of a radically new technology that has the potential to have a transformative positive effect to our economy and society.

  • Concrete, novel and ambitious science-towards-technology breakthrough, providing advancement towards the envisioned technology.

  • High-risk/high-gain research approach and methodology, with concrete and plausible objectives.


For a proposal to be successful in this highly competitive call, it must not only adhere to but also exceed the foundational expectations set forth by the EIC Pathfinder Open. Success in this context is defined by a proposal's ability to blend visionary thinking with practical innovation. The research must demonstrate potential for groundbreaking technological advancements and articulate a clear, strategic path to realizing these outcomes.


Below, I have summarised some of the critical aspects that I prioritise when reviewing an EIC Pathfinder Open proposal:

Key review aspects

  • Is there a radical long-term vision of technology-enabled disruptive research, going far beyond the state-of-the-art?

  • Is the consortium well-balanced, with complementary but no redundancy expertise?

  • To what extent is the project main idea and the partners´ knowledge base interdisciplinary?

  • Is collaboration perceived as real and not just cosmetic, driven by joint goals and mutual learning?

  • Is there enough flexibility in the work-plan to mitigate the inherent risk and make the scientific ambitions plausibly attainable within the lifetime of the project?

  • To what extent is the research novel and not simply an incremental refinement of past scientific efforts?  

  • Is the work-plan properly defined and consistent throughout the proposal, with clear descriptions of work packages, tasks, deliverables and milestones?

  • Is the allocation of resources to tasks and between partners appropriate?

  • Are the proposed timescales to complete each stage of the work realistic?

  • Is the expected impact sufficiently described both short-term and long-term?

Choose the right scheme for you

I tailor my services to each consortium´s needs, from a single thourough review of an advanced draft, up to continous back-and-forth reviews and feedback until the official deadline.

Contact me for more details.

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