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Preparatory Workshop


Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions
Individual Fellowships



This interactive online workshop provides hands-on tips and best practices for how to prepare a competitive MSCA-IF application. The session is divided into two stages, a general presentation (3,5 hours, including Q&A sessions) and subsequent individual "mentoring" sessions (30-45 min) with potential candidates, to review if their CV, project idea, fit with host group and future career options match the spirit of the MSCA-IF call. 

The general presentation can be tailored to the specific interests of the institute/group, but a standard list of topics include:


  • Overview: Aim of the call, European vs. Global scope, etc.

  • Eligibility criteria: Research experience, mobility rule, etc.

  • Proposal planning: How to prepare and allocate your time


How to prepare B-1 Excellence

  • The research idea: Capturing the evaluator´s attention, making objectives SMART, etc.

  • Training: The two-way transfer of knowledge approach

  • Supervision: Hosting arrangements and integrating the candidate


How to prepare B-1 Impact

  • Expected impact: The added value of the fellowship

  • Dissemination and exploitation: Defining a strategy and setting targets

  • Communication: Ways to reach the general public


How to prepare B-1 Implementation

  • Workplan: Making task and resource allocation credible

  • Gantt chart: What to include and how to stand out

  • Management structure: Discussing monitoring mechanisms and risks


Pillars for success

  • MCSA-IF profile: Characteristics of successful candidates and projects

  • Evaluator perspective: Understanding the evaluation criteria and reviewer´s point of view

  • Career development: Outlining the path to independence

Want more information?

To find out more, or to book an online workshop, please contact me.

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