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Proposal review & editing

Horizon Europe proposals




This review service focuses on collaborative grant applications aimed at topic defined Horizon Europe calls. Having an experienced person review the proposal can help detect vital aspects in time and also help to gain those extra points needed to make it past the finish line. 

Below I have selected and summarized a few of the aspects that I look for when reviewing a collaborative Horizon Europe application.

Key review aspects

  • Are the proposed research activities within the call scope?

  • Are the project objectives ambitious, realistic and clearly defined?

  • Is the consortium well-balanced and with sufficient capacity to tackle the described target, without any redundancies?

  • Have any cross-cutting priorities been taken into consideration?

  • Is the work-plan properly defined and consistent throughout the proposal, with clear descriptions of work packages, tasks, deliverables and milestones?

  • Is the proposed methodology and WP structure appropriate for the successfull implementation of the project?

  • Is the work-plan plausibly attainable within the lifetime of the project?

  • Is the allocation of resources to tasks and between partners appropriate?

  • Are the exploitation, dissemination and communication strategies clear and effective?

  • Have the relevant dimensions of the expected impact (scientific, academic, socio-economic, environmental, public, commercial, etc.) been sufficiently described, in both short and long-term?

Choose the right scheme for you

I tailor my services to each consortium´s needs, from a single thourough review of an early draft, to various reviews and feedback until the official deadline.

Contact me for more details.

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