Proposal review & editing


FUTURE AND Emerging technologiES

Challenging Current Thinking 


Proposals are sought for cutting-edge high-risk / high-impact interdisciplinary research with all of the following essential characteristics ("FET gatekeepers"):

  • Radical vision: the project must address a clear and radical vision, enabled by a new technology concept that challenges current paradigms. In particular, research to advance on the roadmap of a well-established technological paradigm, even if high-risk, will not be funded.

  • Breakthrough technological target: the project must target a novel and ambitious science-to-technology breakthrough as a first proof of concept for its vision. In particular, blue-sky exploratory research without a clear technological objective will not be funded.

  • Ambitious interdisciplinary research for achieving the technological breakthrough and that opens up new areas of investigation. In particular, projects with only low-risk incremental research, even if interdisciplinary, will not be funded.


Below I have summarized some of the aspects that I look for when reviewing a FET-Open proposal.

Key review aspects

  • Is there a radical long-term vision of technology-enabled disruptive research, going far beyond the state-of-the-art?

  • Is the consortium well-balanced, with complementary but no redundancy expertise?

  • To what extent is the project main idea and the partners´ knowledge base interdisciplinary?

  • Is collaboration perceived as real and not just cosmetic, driven by joint goals and mutual learning?

  • Is there enough flexibility in the work-plan to mitigate the inherent risk and make the scientific ambitions plausibly attainable within the lifetime of the project?

  • To what extent is the research novel and not simply an incremental refinement of past scientific efforts?  

  • Is the work-plan properly defined and consistent throughout the proposal, with clear descriptions of work packages, tasks, deliverables and milestones?

  • Is the allocation of resources to tasks and between partners appropriate?

  • Are the proposed timescales to complete each stage of the work realistic?

  • Is the expected impact sufficiently described both short-term and long-term?

Choose the right scheme for you

I tailor my services to each consortium´s needs, from a single thourough review of an advanced draft, up to continous back-and-forth reviews and feedback until the official deadline.

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