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Proposal review & editing



The ERC Advanced Grant call represents a prestigious opportunity tailored for distinguished researchers who are recognized as leaders in their respective fields. The grant seeks applicants who can demonstrate not only the groundbreaking nature of their proposed research but also their capability to implement it successfully, leveraging their intellectual and creative strengths. 

For an application to stand out in the AdG category, it is imperative that it is both exceptional and unique. This necessity is underscored by the caliber of the competition, where evaluators assess proposals from some of the most esteemed and experienced researchers in the academic community. In this highly competitive environment, attention to detail and clarity in communication are paramount; there is no margin for overlooked aspects or ambiguities. Each proposal is thoroughly evaluated for its potential to contribute significantly to its field, demanding a high level of precision and excellence.

In the following section, I have compiled a few of the key factors that I prioritize in my assessment of ERC AdG applications, drawing from my in-depth experience in this field.

Key review aspects

Proposal focus: 

  • Ambition: Introducing important scientific advancements, through world-class research

  • Uniqueness: Introducing novel concepts and methodologies, surpassing current standards

  • Breakthrough potential: Setting the stage for transformative impacts across and beyond the field

  • Interdisciplinarity: Bridging various disciplines to explore new frontiers

  • Open-ended inquiry: Paving the way for future research explorations

Objectives alignment:

  • Ensure objectives are clear, reflect the proposal's ambitious nature, and resonate with the project's overall vision.

  • Present a cohesive, risk-balanced project without fragmentation.

  • Objectives should be verifiable, providing a concrete basis for evaluation and success measurement.

Balancing feasibility and risk:

  • Demonstrate equilibrium between high-risk research and potential high-impact outcomes.

  • Emphasize the PI's unique expertise and experience, showcasing his/her exceptional ability to lead and successfully execute the project.

  • Frame prior results to enhance the project's novelty, avoiding perceptions of incrementalism.


  • Optimize proposal structure in line with ERC evaluation criteria

  • Ensure coherence among the project components (vision/objectives/WPs/ tasks/etc.)

  • Use clear, persuasive language, emphasizing significance without sensationalism.

  • Craft a narrative flow that aids the evaluator's understanding and assessment.

Choose the right scheme for you

I tailor my services to each candidate´s individual needs, be it a single thorough review of an advanced draft, or continous back-and-forth reviews and support all the way up to the official deadline.


Contact me for more details.

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