Preparatory Workshop


European Research Council Advanced Grant



This interactive online workshop provides hands-on tips and best practices for how to prepare a competitive ERC AdG application. The session is divided into two stages, a general presentation (2-2,5 hours) and subsequent pre-proposal review of potential candidates, to help detect if their project ideas and CVs match the spirit of the ERC AdG call. 

The general presentation can be tailored to the specific interests of the group, but a typical list of topics include:

ERC "big picture"

  • Introduction - the ERC context and the type of projects they are looking for

  • The ERC “signatures” -  the ingredients that marks a competitive ERC application
    (ambitious, unique, breakthrough, interdisciplinary, open-ended, etc.) 

  • Candidate profile - characteristics of a competitive ERC AdG applicant

Preparing B1

  • Content and focus - what to include and how to focus B1, considering the evaluator profile (panel members)

  • Research idea, research approach and potential impact - how to present these key aspects in B1

  • CV and 10 year track record - what to include and how to optimize this section

Preparing B2

  • Content and focus - what to include, how to focus and structure B2, and its relationship to B1

  • Feasibility and risk - how to present a convincing and balanced workplan 

  • Resources - what information to include, a part from the budget

Evaluation process

  • Evaluation steps - how projects will be evaluated and against what criterion 

  • The evaluation panel - its function and how to pick the right one

  • External experts - their role and how they are selected

Want more information?

To find out more, or to book an online workshop, please contact me.