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ERC 2021 adg call



The key to a successful interview is transmitting the proposed research in a compelling and convincing way in a very short time frame. Most researchers struggle with adapting the narrative to fit the audience (panel members), often focusing too much on technical details rather than “zooming out” and providing a broader context. Another typical mistake is to try to summarise all aspects of the project, instead of identifying key messages. 


We help applicants make the most of their opportunity and prepare a strategy for how to impress the reviewers, while convincingly answering their questions. We offer personalized interview preparation training with the aim to sharpen the transmitted message, develop a clear storyline and give the researcher the opportunity to rehearse extensively. 



Our standard training package consists of two separate training sessions:


Both sessions are approx. 2 hours long, with two experienced trainers familiar with the ERC evaluation process helping individual candidates develop a personalized strategy for how to present his/her project, based on a previous in-depth review of the submitted proposal. In each session, the candidate gets to rehearse his/her presentation several times, while we provide continuous feedback on aspects such as: 

  • Presentation content: scope, focus, take-home messages, tips for closing, etc.

  • Delivery: verbal and non-verbal communication, pace, confidence, audience engagement, etc.

  • Feedback on presentation design: slide design, visual narrative, graphical profile, etc.  

  • Preparation for the Q&A session: recurring questions, what to expect, how to address scientific dispute, etc


Before the first session, the candidate needs to send us the submitted proposal, the draft of the presentation slides, or any other material that will be used during the interview. Given that this year´s interviews will be held remotely, we are holding the training sessions in the same format.

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