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Bekk Research Support helps optimize the chances of obtaining research funding by providing expert guidance, critical review and tailored training - for scientists, universities, research centres and SMEs


grant consultancy services CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

About me

Stewe Bekk MSc is a seasoned Grant Consultant with over a decade of experience working at prestigious research institutes in Barcelona, including IDIBAPS, ICN2, and ICFO. His expertise lies in meticulously reviewing and enhancing research proposals, skills that were developed and refined during his tenure at these notable institutions. In 2020, Stewe transitioned to his own consultancy, focusing primarily on providing comprehensive ERC grant preparation services. His expert guidance has been pivotal in the successful application of numerous ERC grants, establishing him as an invaluable resource for ERC aspirants.

Stewe has also made a significant impact through the delivery of over 50 ERC preparatory seminars, specifically designed to demystify the ERC's objectives and provide strategic insights into crafting competitive proposals. These seminars have guided thousands of researchers across Europe, ranging from early-stage researchers to seasoned academics, at renowned research institutes and universities. Additionally, Stewe has developed a specialised training program for ERC interview candidates. This program, which has already benefited over 40 candidates, strategically sharpens their ability to present compelling research narratives concisely. Focusing on clear messaging and audience engagement, it equips researchers with skills to effectively communicate their ideas, prepare for critical questions, and confidently navigate the interview stage of their ERC application journey.



“Stewe helped me tremendously in the preparation of my ERC Starting Grant, all the way from writing the proposal, to the interviewing stage, and the acceptance of the grant. His responsiveness, attention to detail and vast experience in over 10 years working with ERC grants really made the difference. It is fair to say that I could not have made it without his help.”


Prof. Dr. Dmitri K. Efetov

Chair of Experimental Solid State Physics

LMU Munich - Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

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